ARIS MT500 is designed for data acquisition from multifunction measurement transducers, metering devices and microprocessor-based binary I/O modules, for transmission of control signals and data exchange with adjacent and higher level control systems. It provides necessary functionality for implementation of remote control systems, data acquisition and data transmission systems, automated metering infrastructure for 0.4-20 kV facilities.

Key features

  • telemetry data acquisition from measurement transducers and electrical energy meters;
  • analog and binary data acquisition from I/O modules;
  • control signals transmission;
  • execution of user-defined algorithms, interlocking algorithms;
  • acquired data processing, additional calculation procedures according to preset algorithms;
  • revenue and technical metering data collection and its storage in non-volatile memory as short, basic, daily, monthly and annual archives;
  • data exchange with other devices and systems (microprocessor-based relays, etc.) using different communication protocols;
  • transmission of independent datasets to higher control levels (up to 3 directions) using different communication protocols.

Key characteristics

  • processing of up to 500 tags per second;
  • processing of up to 30 algorithms;
  • integrated real-time clock;
  • built-in GPS/GLONASS-receiver;
  • built-in GSM/GPRS-modem;
  • has no fans or any other moving parts;
  • real-time operating system QNX 6.5.

Additional features

  • 8 binary inputs "dry contact" type;
  • 8 analog inputs;
  • alarm signaling and self-supervision;
  • events log;
  • integrated web-interface.

Communication ports

  • 1 х 100-BaseTx Ethernet;
  • 2 х RS-232;
  • 4 х RS-485.

Communication protocols

  • IEC 60870-5-101;
  • IEC 60870-5-103;
  • IEC 60870-5-104;
  • IEC 61850-8-1 (optional);
  • Granit;
  • TM800A;
  • Modbus (RTU/ASCII/TCP);
  • CRQ;
  • Proprietary communication protocols.

Power supply

18-36 VDC


45x137x144 mm (WxDxH)



Operating temperature

-20... +55° C

FBD-based userdefined algorithms

Algorithm implementation example in bay сontroller ARIS C30x

ARIS MT500 has built-in logic development tools. These tools may be used to create logical and calculation diagrams of any difficulty. For example, user may create interlocking, logic processing and user-defined calculation diagrams. FBD-based user-defined algorithms are loaded in ARIS MT500 controller as an executable file. Modification of algorithm logic in bay controller is not possible, binding of bay controller input and output signals is only possible. Besides binding and processing of controller physical signals it is also possible to process data/signals quality attributes.

Environment for development of user-defined algorithms

Algorithm development example in Soft Constructor

Delivery package includes advanced FBD development tool – Soft Constructor. Soft Constructor user interface is a window-based interface with graphical editor and standard algorithms library. Debugging mode allows to simulate algorithm operation with supervision of variables’ status and execution flow.