This product is intended for sending and receiving commands over power-line and/or digital communication channels.


2 terminals in any combination:

  • AVANT K400 transceiver for PL communication or digital channels
  • AVANT K400 transmitter for PL communication channel
  • AVANT K400 receiver for PL communication channel
  • Relay panel circuits
  • Signaling circuits
  • Power supply circuits

Main function

  • Transmission and reception of up to 64 RP and SIPS commands over a duplex communication channel
  • Relaying of transit commands
  • Transmission of telematics signals

Distinctive features

  • Features of operation are determined by the type of communication channel: whether power-line communication or digital channels are used
  • Withdrawal of commands from operation without switching off the equipment
  • LED indication of signaling circuits

Basic performance data*

cabinet’s overall dimensions (WxHxD)
  • 800х2200х600 mm
  • 600х2200х600 mm
weight of cabinet 250 kg

Hardware versions

  • Accommodates two terminals operating in simplex mode in any combination: receiver + transmitter, receiver + receiver, transmitter + transmitter
  • Accommodates two AVANT K400 duplex terminals, operating on different circuits of the same line or on different lines
  • Accommodates two AVANT K400 duplex terminals, operating on different media: over a power-line communication and over digital channels (for redundancy)
  • total number of commands is limited by the number of keys that can be placed on a door

Power supply

110 VDC, 220 VDC

Operating temperature range


* Correspond to the type of AVANT K400 transceiver used (over power-line communication or digital channels)