AVANT RZSK is designed for protection signals and binary commands power line communication implementation on 110-750 kV lines.
AVANT RZSK is designed for protection signals and binary commands power line communication
implementation on 110-750 kV lines.

Key functions

  • transmission and reception of relay protection commands and signals over electric power lines with two and three terminals;
  • transmission of up to 4 commands in each direction simultaneously with relay protection signal;
  • transmission of up to 8 commands in each channel direction without relay protection signal transmission;
  • half-duplex service communication between line terminals during power line carrier channel commissioning;
  • service device for power line carrier protections commissioning.

Data exchange

  • data exchange with pickup and tripping elements of relays (phase-comparison relay, directional protection), based on:
  • electromechanical relays;
  • semi-conductors;
  • microprocessor-based technology.

Key technical characteristics

operating frequency range:  16‑1000 kHz;
rated frequency band:  for lines with two terminals: 4 kHz;
for lines with three terminals: 8 kHz.
high-frequency signal rated level at device output;  16…600 kHz 46 dBm (40 W);
600…1000 kHz 43 dBm (20 W);
commands transmission level:  12 dB lower than protection signals transmission level;
receiver sensitivity:  relay protection signals: – 15 dBm;
commands: – 20 dBm;
command transmission voltage:  220, 110 V;
command duration:  30…100 ms and with tracking capability;
received command reset delay: 0…1000 ms;
rated transmission time of blocking / permissive signals:  22 ms;
rated transmission time of phase comparison relay signals:  22…28 ms;
false command reception probability:  10‑6;
missed command probability: 10‑4;
contact initiation: 24 V;
immediate initiation: 5…100 V;
logical initiation: 15 / 2 V;
closedown: 24 V;
manipulation voltage: 5…130 V;
output current: 0 / 20 A;
output voltage: 15 / 1 V;
consumed power:  120 W;
EMI:  GOST R 1317.6.5‑2006 compliant;
dimensions:  482x266x370 mm (WxHxD).

Key features

  • designated frequency band is used for transmission in each direction. Bands position is adjacent, with width of each – 2 kHz, resulting band width for lines with two terminals is 4 kHz, for lines with three terminals is 8 kHz;
  • frequency adjustment in whole operating range with out additional modules;
  • attenuation margin constant monitoring;
  • receiver sensitivity adjustment and warning signaling threshold setting using integrated display or PC with 1 dB accuracy;
  • impulse overlapping control in phase-comparison relay operating mode;
  • rising and falling edge position control at reception from its own and remote transmission device in phase-comparison relay operating mode;
  • signal line propagation time compensation control in phase-comparison relay operating mode to eliminate phase characteristic asymmetry;
  • main modules interchangeability with AVANT R400 and AVANT K400.

Application examples

  • protection devices signals transmission;
  • protection and special integrity scheme devices commands transmission;
  • backup protection permissive signals transmission (in addition to signals, transmitted by main protection);
  • usage of main protection channel to transmit system integrity protection scheme devices commands (automated voltage limitation, breaker failure protection, asynchronous mode automatic elimination, automatic reclosing, load shedding, etc.);
  • main protection redundancy at double-circuit lines with cross transmission of permissive signals over parallel channels;
  • duplication of relay protection commands;
  • at lines with three terminals with protection installed at each terminal or at only two terminals with communication of remote tripping signals with tap substation.

Modifications (modification is chosen at project development and ordering stage)

  • protection signals transceiver;
  • protection signals and 4 commands transceiver over lines with two terminals in both directions;
  • protection signals and 4 commands transceiver over lines with three terminals in all directions;
  • 8 commands transceiver over lines with two terminals in both directions;
  • 8 commands transceiver over lines with three terminals in all directions;
  • 8 commands transmission / reception device as an alternative to traditional signals and commands transmission devices.

Power supply

  • 150..270 VDC

Operating temperature

  • 0…+ 45oC