The CVA Controller is designed to organize autonomous vibration monitoring and machinery protection system at power, oil, gas stations and other industrial objects.

Possible connection to various subnets due to: - Ethernet, - RS-485 (Modbus RTU).

General data

  • Data exchange with IVD sensors (IVD 2, IVD 3, IVD 4) due to interface RS-485 (Modbus RTU), including bode rate, address programming, sensor calibration;
  • Intrinsically safe power supply (15 VDC) support for IVD sensors (IVD 2, IVD 3, IVD 4) (up to 13 sensors);
  • Automatic search on devices (IVD sensors), auto configuration including bode rate and address setting (due to RS-485, Modbus RTU) with lock-on mounting place on the diagnostic object;
  • Setting points & alarm levels;
  • Auto-setting working mode of the protection system with auto-setting point & alarm levels;
  • Receiving signals (discrete/digital (Ethernet, RS-485) from top-level devices (e.g. SCADA) with confirming of working mode change;
  • Discrete with “dry contact” outputs (up to 16 outputs);
  • Work with current (4-20/0-20 mA) outputs of different sensors (up to 13 inputs);
  • Analog outputs (4-20/0-20 mA) (up to 16 outputs);
  • Data exchange with top-level systems due to interfaces RS-485, Ethernet;
  • Events logging.


  • Module size 6U in chassis 19” of Euromechanics standard;
  • Explosion protection type – Intrinsic safety "i".
  • Case protection class – IP20.

Basic connections