DCU EKOM-3100 is designed for data acquisition from energy meters, power quality instruments and other digital measuring devices, for time synchronizing in these devices, for keeping energy use archives during different periods, profile archives, sub-intervals, network parameters, autoreading, for registration of digital signals of status of the equipment, output of control signals, processing of data received (including calculation of additional parameters based on user`s algorithms), data storage and translation to upper levels of automated information and measuring systems.


The device has the necessary functionality for building such systems as fiscal smart energy metering systems, technical smart energy metering systems, advanced metering infrastructures, telecontrol systems, data acquisition and transmission systems.

Main functions

  • Acquisition and storage of data of fiscal and technical metering for supply (use) of electricity from various types of energy meters in nonvolatile memory in the form of short, basic, daily, monthly and annual archives
  • Data acquisition from power quality instruments
  • Telemetric data acquisition from measuring converters and energy meters
  • Input of 24 VDC or 220 VDC/VAC digital signals
  • Processing of two-bit digital signals
  • Output of 24 VDC or 220 VDC/VAC digital signals and control commands
  • Input of unified analogue current and voltage signals
  • Data acquisition from input/output modules digital and analogue signals
  • Translation of telecontrol commands
  • Processing of data received, calculation of additional parameters
  • Establishing of universal system time
  • Data exchange in various protocols with related systems
  • Translation of independent data sets to upper levels of automated systems (up to 6 directions) in various protocols

Main data

  • Processing up to 3000 tags/second
  • Polling up to 250 of energy meters and other measuring devices
  • Redundant power supply units with hot swap
  • Redundant processor boards
  • Integrated real time clock and GPS/GLONASS receiver (option)
  • Integrated wireless modem GPRS/3G/LTE
  • Time synchronization from NTP and PTP (IEEE 1588V2)
  • Support of PRP redundancy protocol
  • Natural convection cooling
  • Real time operation system
  • Transmission of independent data sets up to 6 directions in protocols CRQ, DLMS/COSEM, IEC 61850‑8‑1 (MMS), IEC 60870‑5‑104, IEC 60870‑5‑101, etc.
  • Assignment of time tags within 1 msec
  • Data archiving based on digital and analogue signals
  • Keeping and displaying of event logs
  • Display of parameters of electrical networks and energy metering on an external screen

Additional features

  • Emergency alarm and self-diagnostics
  • Integrated web-interface
  • Configurator program capable of creating and storage of controller configurations

Number of integrated modules

3/6, depending on configuration (apart from the main power supply and processor board)

Data sending/receiving protocols

  • CRQ
  • Modbus (RTU/ASCII/TCP)
  • МЭК 61850‑8‑1 (MMS and GOOSE)
  • IEC 60870‑5‑101/104
  • SNMP
  • Manufacturers` proprietary protocols

Communication ports

  • 2 optical Ethernet ports с SFP inserts or 2 Ethernet copper ports RJ-45 on the mother board
  • 10хRS-485 (for integrated module)
  • 3xRS-232 (for integrated module)
  • 2xSIM GPRS/3G/LTE modem
  • Modem NB iOT, LoRaWAN

Power supply

  • 120–375 VDC or 85‑265 VAC (2PS with hot swap)
  • 18–36 VDC (2PS with hot swap)

Overall dimensions

  • 201x177x135 mm (WxHxD) – version 1
  • 293x177x135 mm (WxHxD) – version 2

Operating temperature