The INS is designed for acquiring data on the course, location, and oscillation parameters of a vehicle. The INS is an autonomous navigation set where the vehicle location and orientation against a known initial point are determined based on the accelerometer and gyroscope readings.

The INS data are transferred to the Data Acquisition and Control System (DACS).

The INS and auxiliary equipment is packed in a compact IP68 body and rigidly installed on a vehicle.

The INS is built on the measurement unit OCT2-NS7300D based on the microelectormechanical systems ensuring high reliability and protection against external harsh environment.

Measurement unit OCT2-NS7300D was designed for ground, marine, and aerial use for the purposes of navigation (also autonomous), orientation, stabilization, and controlling other parameters (roll, pitch, shocks, horizon line control, etc.).

Measurement unit OCT2-NS7300D is a highly-integrated system containing a wide set of low-noise accelerometers, low-drift gyroscopes, magnetometer, barometer, multipath satellite geolocation, including  centimeter-accurate adjustment system RTK (Real Time Kinematic).

The measurement unit transmits data acquired from the internal sensors to the DACS over Ethernet and RS422. The Ethernet interface is extended by means of a transmission media transformer through the optic multimode cable. This ensures the connection of a required distance to the DACS and helps avoid the interference and other unfavorable factors. An RS422 backup line is used in case of emergency integrity breach of the main Ethernet connection.

To increase the orientation accuracy, satellite geolocation receiver GPS/GLONASS built in the OCT2-NS7300D measurement unit is used. An external antenna located on the vehicle's open surface is connected to the receiver by means of a coaxial cable.

Effective Range

Roll ±180°
Pitch ±90°
Heading ±180°
Acceleration ±15g


Running Temperature -40…+85°C
Storage Temperature -45…+90°C
Humidity 10%...90%
Pressure 450...850 mm Hg

Physical Impact

Repeated Shock 20 g (3 ms)
Sinusoidal Vibration 0.4 g (20...20000 Hz)

Electric Parameters

Voltage =20…30 V
Input Power 6 W (max)