ISS-1 is intended for continuous (24H) reception of signals from GLONASS/GPS global navigation satellite systems, conversion of these signals, and generation of exact time synchronization signals.

It can be used in Wide Area Measurements Systems (WAMS), at digital substations, in automated systems for measuring, monitoring, signaling and control of power facilities of power suppliers or power consumers, at power generation and transmission facilities.

Main functions

  • Reception of signals from global navigation satellite systems such as GLONASS and GPS
  • Generation of precise time signals in one of the following forms: 1PPS, IRIG-B, IEEE 1344, 10 MHz
  • Indication of operating mode
  • Self-diagnostics, including continuous antenna monitoring (failure in antenna connections and shortcircuits)
  • Warm start mode: reduction of satellite search time and synchronization time in case of a unit`s fixed location
  • Digital outputs for alarms and warnings signaling
  • Software-based configuration management

Global navigation satellite system`s signal receiver type

32 channel reception module of standard accuracy (support for GLONASS and GPS), L1 range

Antenna type

3-5 V rated, active GPS/GLONASS L1 antenna. 26–49 dB amplification, BNC connector

Average time until synchronization is achieved

cold start (location is not defined and is not fixed)

up to 2 min

warm start (without change in location)

up to 30 s

hot start (loss of signal without power supply loss) up to 20 s

Time signals outputs

number of BNC output interfaces (TTL, 50 Ohm) 2
number of RS-232 output interfaces (DB9, 9600-115200 baud, NMEA 0183 – RMC) 1
output signals format IRIG-B004,IRIG-B007 (IEEE 1344), 1PPS, 10 MHz, N pulses/s, 1 pulse per N s

Accuracy ratings

1PPS front binding to UTC, GLONASS and GPS scale – permissible absolute error ±1 μs
1PPS front binding to UTC, GLONASS and GPS scale – permissible absolute error (at confidential
probability of 0,95)
±200 ns
permissible absolute error of autonomous storage and playback of internal timescale if the synchronization is lost ±5 ms/day
permissible relative error of 10 MHz output signal according to frequency up to ±15*10-9 MHz

Power supply

DC supply voltage range 120–370 V
AC supply voltage range 100–260 V
power consumption up to 10 W

Operating conditions

operating temperature range -40...+55° С
relative air humidity 90% at 30°С 
atmospheric pressure 460–800 mm Hg
enclosure protection category IP50 as per IEC 529-89


metal enclosure with DIN-rail mounting bracket  
overall dimensions (WxHxD) 105х104хup to160 mm
weight up to 2 kg