PGC.02 is designed for providing a wireless transparent data transmission channel in distributed systems of data acquisition and transmission, fiscal and technical energy metering in power industry facilities and other industries. PGC.02 is a standalone and functionally complete device for data transmission via GSM cellular networks. GPRS and CSD technologies are used for data transmission. It has the necessary functionality for use in Fiscal Smart Energy Metering Systems, Technical Smart Energy Metering Systems, Advanced Metering Infrastructures, Telecontrol Systems, Data Acquisition and Transmission Systems.

Main functions

  • Transmission of fiscal and technical metering data regarding electricity supply (use) from energy meters to upper levels
  • Data transmission via VPN tunnel
  • Redundant channel for smart metering systems
  • Configuration channel for energy meters
  • Registration of digital signals followed by automatic sending of text messages to specified phone No.
  • Loading of software via CSD/GPRS channels
  • Protected access to configured parameters via CSD/GPRS channels
  • Automatic connection with specified servers

Additional features

  • Power indication of status of the modem, data line and digital inputs
  • Integrated WatchDogTimer, anti-hanging protection
  • Autonomous start of the modem after energizing
  • Two digital 4–5VDC inputs; trip current: 0.8–1 mA


  • 1хRS-232
  • 2xRS-485

Power supply

  • 100–220 VАС, 140–330 VDC
  • Input power – 6 W

Operating temperature


Data transmission standards

  • CSD
  • GPRS


  • DIN rail

Overall dimensions

128х111х47 mm (WxHxD)