TC32 digital output module is intended for outputting digital signals, capable of operating in pulse mode (with a predefined hold time), or in the mode of maintaining the signal on a predefined level.

Performance data

  • 32 channels, "open collector" type, common "-"
  • Commutation voltage – 24 VDC
  • Diode protection against induced overvoltage in the line
  • Protection against line short-circuit, maximum channel current – 300 mA
  • Galvanic isolation – 1500 V (power/interface lines, control circuits)

Main functions

  • Output of digital signals over 32 channels
  • Simultaneous issuing of RC commands on all 32 channels
  • Capability to operate both in pulse mode (with a predefined hold time), and in level hold mode
  • Event registration with an accuracy of up to 1 ms

Additional capabilities

  • Archive with capacity for 1000 events (over all channels)
  • Light indicators showing the sending of control signals for each channel, port states, power supply/module status
  • Module`s time synchronization either through central controller, or through an external GPS receiver with an accuracy of 1 ms
  • Self-testing of the module (availability of internal voltages necessary for operation, verification of checksums of data read from non-volatile memory)
  • Built-in real time clock

Communication ports

2хRS-485, data rate up to 1 Mbit/s

Data transmission protocols

IEC 60870-5-101

Power supply

  • 18-36 VDC (up to 50 ms voltage dips with a repetition period of 20 ms are allowed)
  • Reverse-polarity protection
  • Power consumption – 6 W

Overall dimensions

178х104х62 mm (WхHхD)


DIN rail

Operating temperature range