The UNC-1 digital normalization unit is intended to convert the –20...+20 mA unified input signal of direct current into a digital form and transmit the signal values over Ethernet under a digital data transfer protocol. 


The UNC-1 is used in SIPS as a device for acquiring raw analog data, for example, to input ambient temperature measurements in TPA-01 when implementing the equipment overload protection function. It is also possible to use the UNC-1 together with transducers measuring the active and reactive power or other physical values.

Key technical characteristics (for each set)

number of analog inputs

up to 8

analog inputs current ratings

-20…+20 mA

number of Ethernet ports

up to 2

digital data format

IEC 61850-8-1 GOOSE

power supply voltage

18—36 V

current consumption

up to 150 mA

overall dimensions (WxHxD)

105x85x104 mm