Vibration digital equipment

Vibration control digital explosion-proof equipment (DEPE) is designed to control vibration and protect rotary equipment installed in hazardous areas.
Introduction of DEPE allows to prevent possible destruction and damage of individual units or parts of equipment, as well as to avoid major accidents and costly repairs due to operative control of vibration parameters and timely conduction of vibration diagnostics.
DEPE features: advanced functionality, high-noise protection, ability to operate in harsh environments.
It consists of the digital vibration sensors ИВД 2, ИВД 3, ИВД 4, and DEPE controller.
Vibration sensors can be installed in hazardous interior areas and exterior facilities, as well as in the underground mines and their ground-based premises that have risks of gas (methane) and coal dust.
DEPE controller is designed to be installed outside the hazardous areas of premises and outdoor facilities.