All systems go: Prosoft-Systems launches tech support web portal

28 July 2016

Engineering company Prosoft-Systems presents a new interactive service for customers. On July 29, the electronic technical support portal for users will begin work.

The portal is located at  

By contacting technical support through the portal, you have the ability to:

  • Send requests for advice on issues related to the operation and configuration of the equipment and software used by Prosoft-Systems Ltd.
  • Attach any files to the request, for example, a screenshot illustrating the problem described, an incorrectly created report form, etc.
  • Track the request processing history online
  • Evaluate the quality of the request process on a 5-point scale

Each request is automatically assigned a specialist responsible for completing it. Customer support on the portal is provided by the company's engineers in writing. This allows you to record customer questions, as well as gauge the accuracy and timeliness of the responses.

You must register to start using the portal. Simply fill in the registration form, with your name, company name, position and contact information.

We ask you to evaluate all the advantages of working with the tech support portal and start actively using it now!