An automated process control system was implemented at the 220 kV Zelenodolskaya substation, featuring the extended remote control capabilities

21 August 2020

Prosoft-Systems took part in one of the Tatarstan power industry's largest projects, a large-scale overhaul of the 220 kV Zelenodolskaya substation (Gid Company OJSC's branch Privolzhskiye Electric Networks). The company experts have established a remote-control APCS thus having not just secured control of the primary equipment, but also enabled Russia's first remote control of power system protection functions.

The cutting-edge solutions, microprocessor protection, and the state-of-the-art equipment control system make the 220 kV Zelenodolskaya substation an environment-friendly, low-maintenance, new-gen power facility. To reduce the time of scheduled switches and reduce risks of employee errors, Prosoft-Systems engineers have fitted the APCS with automated switch cards that enable automated operations.
Switches can be performed through the dispatch's automated workstation at the Dispatch Center of Company System Operator of the Unified Energy System (Regional Dispatch Department of the Republic of Tatarstan), Network Control Center of the Grid Company OJSC, and the dispatch center of Grid Company OJSC's branch Privolzhskiye Electric Networks). The new solution helped reduce the time of a 110 kV switch takedown with a transition to a 110 kV bypass switch (excluding inspection and preparatory operations), from 30 minutes to just 6 minutes; and a 220 kV switch takedown time from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.
“The upgraded functionality allows replacing legacy dispatch communication with digital interfaces,” comments Evgeny Zadorin, Technical Marketing Lead at Prosoft-Systems. “Switch cards integrated into the top-layer system RedKit are activated automatically. Further, the system issues commands to execute operations and controls their sequence, thus securing accuracy and fast response. The Zelenodolskaya substation is the first facility to have such functionality fully implemented. In prospect, availability of that functionality will be a general standard for every substation.”

Another breakthrough capability of Prosoft-Systems' equipment and software is the automated downtime schedule at the network control level. To implement the feature, the company engineers refined the communications controller and fitted the RedKit control system with remote control commands that help activate a downtime schedule in a few seconds and manage power adjustments.
Besides, the APCS allows managing CCTV orientation and positioning to supervise commutation equipment condition. It is transmission of multiaddress commands to the CCTV server and simultaneous control of the camera network that ensure complete observability of the facilities.

To train the dispatch staff, RedKit incorporates a simulator that helps develop and test automated switch cards before introducing them to the running system.