ARIS Controllers Managing Electrical Equipment at Two New SPPs in the Astrakhan Region

03 July 2019

Prosoft-Systems continues to equip renewable energy facilities with integrated automation systems. Company specialists have implemented systems for process automation and process data exchange with system operator at the Mikhailovskaya and Elista Severnaya SPPs. These SPPs were constructed in the Astrakhan region by the Russian-Austrian consortium Core Value Capital GmbH, Green Source Consulting GmbH and Vershina Development LLC, in cooperation with Gildemeister LSG Beteiligungs GmbH as general contractor.

These SPPs, each with a 15 MW capacity, began generating electricity in the spring of 2019. Prosoft-Systems specialists conducted the full range of engineering work at the facilities, from drafting the process automation system documentation to testing and commissioning the systems.       

ARIS-2235 switchgear bay controllers and ARIS-2808 multifunction controllers perform lower-level management of the electrical equipment at the SPPs, while the ARIS SCADA software manages the upper level. The system accounts for solar irradiation and ambient temperature factors. Pre-commissioning, testing and commissioning procedures for the facilities were completed in May 2019, signifying the appearance of two new sources of environmentally-friendly renewable energy in the Astrakhan region.

Prosoft-Systems had previously automated other solar power plants in the Volga region. For example, in 2018 based on the ARIS hardware and software package the company implemented control systems to manage the electrical part of the Yenotaevka and Volodarovka SPPs, constructed by the Russian-Austrian consortium.