Aris hardware and software package manages the electrical equipment of Yenotayevka APP in the Astrakhan Region

07 November 2018

Yenotayevka solar power plant, with a 15 MW capacity, has begun operation in the Astrakhan Region. A consortium of Austrian, German and Russian companies contributed to its construction. The company Prosoft-Systems has implemented a control system for the facility’s electrical equipment based on its ARIS hardware/software package, implementing the full scope of operations to establish a process automation system. It also organized continuous communication with the dispatch center in Eastern Europe.

Yenotayevka energy station, built as part of an agreement to realize investment projects in the field of solar energy in the Astrakhan Region, generates the equivalent of the annual energy consumption of 25 thousand people. The process equipment control system, based on the ARIS 2205 switchgear controllers and the 6-35kW ARIS 2208 bay controllers, ensures the facility’s uninterrupted operation and  the station has the essential functionality to participate in general primary frequency control of the network (GPFC).  ARIS SCADA software represents the system’s upper level, providing control from the dispatch center in Eastern Europe.

The ARIS hardware and software package is designed for the creation of process automation and data acquisition & transmission systems of electrical substations. It was developed in accordance with the IEC 61850 approach to constructing information infrastructures for substations and is currently in use at key power facilities across the country. Collaboration with the manufacturer of the new type of inverter unit used in the construction of Yenotayevka SPP has confirmed the viability of Prosoft-Systems solutions and the high degree of adaptability of its equipment.

Prosoft-Systems actively participates in the construction of alternative energy facilities in Russia. In 2015, specialists from Prosoft-Systems created the control system for electrical equipment of the first Russian solar power station incorporated in the country’s Unified Energy System, the Sakmarskaya SPP n.a. Vlaznev. In 2017, Zavodskaya SPP underwent complete integrated automation, where the ARIS hardware/software package also performs the functions of a technological data exchange system with system operator.  In 2018, Promstroymateriali SPP received an process automation system, a technological data exchange system with system operator, and smart electricity-metering system for commercial purposes. Efforts were also taken on the metrological certification for the smart electricity-metering system at Promstroymateriali SPP. Russia’s first industrial wind energy facility, a wind power plant with a capacity of 35 MW in the Ulyanovsk region, is likewise outfitted with Prosoft-Systems-manufactured equipment for creation of technological data exchange system with system operator and smart electricity-metering system for commercial purposes.