AVANT K400 device certified at PJSC Rosseti

29 May 2015

The AVANT K400 relay protection and emergency control command transceiver, developed by Prosoft-Systems engineers in 2014, successfully passed Rosseti's certification.

The AVANT K400 was created on a single hardware platform with AVANT RZSK transceivers and AVANT R400. It is a full-featured device for transmitting emergency signals and commands that works over HF channels, fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL) and multiplexed communication channels. 

During testing, the certification commission evaluated the following parameters: resistance to climatic and mechanical factors, EMC, electrical safety, characteristics of the power line carrier commands transmission and receiving, noise immunity, compatibility with other HF devices, and other parameters.

According to expert opinion, the AVANT K400 meets the stated technical requirements and is recommended for use at Rosseti facilities. 

It should be noted that two AVANT K400-based projects have already been implemented.

The AVANT K400 package is installed on the 500 kV Krasnoarmeyskaya-Gasovaya OHL. A new power line was launched in December of last year. The launch of an energy facility increases the reliability of communication between power systems in the Urals and the Middle Volga. 

An interesting feature of the project is the length of the line, so AVANT K400 devices must work in conditions of extremely high damping and interference level in the HF channel. Additionally, there were only two 4 kHz frequency bands to organize the primary and backup channels for relay protection and emergency control commands transmission and receiving. The AVANT K400 transceiver was the only solution capable of handling the assigned tasks. To date, the equipment is functioning successfully and smoothly, ensuring the emergency control automation and relay protection operate reliably at the 500 kV Krasnoarmeyskaya-Gasovaya OHL. Another project on the AVANT K400 equipment was implemented in Tatarstan.

In March 2015, the HF channel for RP/EC commands transmission to the 220 kV Zainskaya TPP-Zavodskaya OHL was commissioned.