Avant K400 establishes communication channels for relay protection and emergency control over 500 kv power lines in Tajikistan

21 January 2019

At the end of last year, ProSoft-Systems engineers completed the equipment setup for command transmission of relay protection and emergency control systems at the Dushanbe substation in Tajikistan. AVANT K400 transceivers were used to establish high-frequency and optical communication channels on the new 500 kV line.

The construction of the 500 kV power line for the Dushanbe substation has become one of the largest projects aimed at developing the national power system in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Two AVANT K400 cabinets were used to transmit relay protection and emergency control commands over high-frequency communication channels at substations Dushanabe 1 and Dushanabe 2. The AVANT K400 devices and the company's proprietary FG703 transducers were also used to establish digital fiber optic communication channels between Dushanbe Substation and the Rogunskaya HPP. This device makes it possible to convert the C37.94 optical interface to an E1 interface.

Note that, today, the engineering company Prosoft-Systems actively partners with energy providers in the Republic of Tajikistan. In addition to command receipt-transmission devices AVANT K400, emergency control equipment (UPAE, MKPA, MKPA-2), fault recording systems and more have been implemented at key power facilities throughout the country.

Evgeny Netunakhin, Director for Foreign Sales for ProSoft-Systems Ltd., summarizes: "Today, special attention is given to modernizing and strengthening the power system in the Republic of Tajikistan. Our company has extensive experience and knowledge in automating power facilities and offers a huge selection of ready-made solutions to create emergency control automation systems, fault recording systems, smart metering systems for electricity, process automation systems at substations, process data exchange systems with system operator, data acquisition and transmission systems and many more. For example, last year Rogunskaya HPP became one of the first stations to install our innovative RES-3-61850 digital substation recorders."