Сomplex inspection of hardware & software complex WAMS at TROITSK state-owned district power plant

04 May 2016

In spring of 2016 at Troitsk state-owned district power plant (SDPP) has been put into operation the program-technical complex of transient mode monitoring system hardware & software complex WAMS. “Prosoft-Systemy” engineers have fulfilled the wide-range activities complex due to introduction of the system: since designing till starting. 

Hardware & software complex WAMS has been developed within the boundaries of new coal-fired powerblock of the station with the capacity of 660 MW. It is considered to be the first facility of the kind in Russia. As the new powerblock has been put into operation, the capacity of Troitsk SDPP may reach the rate of 3 thousand MW.

Within the project’s boundaries, the engineers of “Prosoft-Systems” have installed 7 electrical cabinets of WAMS. The complex decision due to WAMS includes all necessary components to embody complete functional system: synchronized vector measurement device TPA-02, timing synchronizer device ISS-1 time synchronization unit and register of generator excitation system parameters UNC-2.


Having introduced PTC WAMS at Troitsk SDPP, it is possible to control mode parameters due to four turbine generators, deferent high-voltage units per 500 kV and inter-states inter-system lines of medium voltage class. Amongst other controlled accessions – the winding of higher voltage autotransformer.

Hardware & software complex WAMS also provides measurement of current and winding voltage of generators excitation TG-4. TG-2, TG-8 AND TG-10. All the data concerning synchronized vector measurement are transferred to the dispatching center of the Urals operational-dispatching office.

Last year the Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption (AEPA CP) has been expanded basing soft and hardware complex “ECOM” and soft “Energosfera” at Troitsk SDPP. Up to the end of the year it is planned to introduce at the facility the system of emergency automation basing microprocessing complexes MPKAMPKA-2 and UPAE Electric Power System Node System Integrity Protection Scheme IED.