Construction work performed on automated energy resources technical record-keeping and smart commercial electricity-metering systems at trunk oil pipeline facilities

15 April 2011

Prosoft-Systems develops and supplies equipment for creating advanced energy metering infrastructure at oil trunk pipeline facilities with a total reservoir capacity of more than 300 thousand cubic meters.

The automated system of energy resources technical record-keeping (AERTRK) with elements of utilities management is capable of covering all geographically separated network facilities, both those OPS and SOLS under construction and those already operating. Also, the unified automated system of energy resources technical record-keeping integrates the various technological subsystems for each OPS. Relay protection and automation systems, electricity and heat metering, power quality control instruments, cathodic protection stations, engine excitation systems—this is by no means an exhaustive list of integrable subsystems.   

Original technical solutions were used to organize the energy metering and management systems. The AERTRK system was based on the MTD ECOM-TM controller and the ECOM-KS communication controller. A double cabinet was made for each OPS, with the complete list of equipment, a guaranteed power supply system and air conditioning.

The MTD ECOM-TM industrial controller facilitates the collection, processing and transmission of data from the process equipment. It also controls switching device operation.

The ECOM-KS communication server surveys the technological subsystems and transmits the received data in the standard aggregated form to the information collection center. The feature of the ECOM-KS server is its wide array of implemented protocols used to communicate with metering devices, sensors and other equipment. By using the ECOM-KS, it is possible to create systems without replacing the facility's pre-existing equipment, which optimizes the costs of creating automated metering/control systems.

Systems created using Prosoft-Systems equipment perform: operational current control, fuel consumption control, management of electricity and other energy resources, signal registration for relay protection and automation devices, and a number of other functions.