Discovering new frontiers in Central Asia with the AVANT R400

12 February 2016

Prosoft-Systems has completed its first delivery of high-frequency communications equipment for relay protection and emergency control automation to Kyrgyzstan. The AVANT R400 transceiver of high-frequency protection signals will be installed at the Kemin 500 kV substation.

The Kemin 500 kV substation is located in the eastern part of the Chuy region, where the existing 220 kV lines are concentrated, providing electricity to several regions of the republic. Re-laying the existing 220 kV HF lines facilitated the connection between the Kemin substation and the Kyrgyz energy system.

The AVANT R400 is used to organize high-frequency protection channels on the 220 kV Kemin-Zapadnaya double-circuit line. At the other end of the line, the AVZK-80 transceiver links with the HF post while retaining its existing functionality.

The construction of the Kemin substation and its fitting with modern microprocessor devices is part of a state project in Kyrgyzstan to build the 500 kV Datka-Kemin high-voltage line, designed to ensure the republic's energy security.