Discussing the future of IEC 61850 with our foreign partners

31 October 2016

From 18th to 20th of October in Amsterdam the Third International conference IEC 61850 Europe 2016 took place. The meeting has gathered over than 150 global experts due to IEC 61850, as well as specialists from European electric nets facilities and electrotechnical equipment developers. The members of “Prosoft-Systems” also represented the company amongst the participants of the event.

The main topics to be discussed were the following: implementation features of digital substations and Smart Grid intellectual nets at the stages of designing, development, commissioning and service. It has been organized 12 topical round tables within the event.

The conference has been established as active dialogue between developers and ultimate users of the standard, thus, net companies. The latter shared their experience and problems, speaking openly about their demands, distinguishing the features of final products.


The deputy head of Relay Protection and Automation Department on perspective development, the member of RG 10 TC57, Yuriy Ivanov, noticed: “Our company participates the conference the third time. Undoubtedly, visiting such events means experience exchange, the search of new and progressive ways. The present meeting is considered to be utterly valuable from practical point of view, as concrete tasks are raised and real problems are solved. In my opinion, the key moment of the present conference is considered to be the speech of the member of European net system operators ENTSO-E, who’s report has accented necessity of problems decision instead of abandoning the standard.”


It is necessary to state that “Prosoft-SystemS” LTd representatives are regarded as first Russian members of the working group due to IEC 61850 development. Nowadays the company has been included to the working groups and research committees such prestigious establishments as CIGRE, OPC Foundation, UCA, EtherCAT. This will allow the company both support mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign expert organizations, and directly participate in global standards development.