Domestic automation systems ensure reliable operation of 500 kv Iset SS in the Urals

17 December 2014

On December 15, a ceremonial launch was held for the Iset 500 kV substation. It is the first energy facility with a power debit from the fourth unit of Beloyarskaya NPP. The Iset substation will give new capacities to the actively growing industrial sector and provide stable, fault-free power supply to existing consumers.

Management of the Iset substation's electrical equipment is done using the latest modern technologies. Its process automation system was built on the Russian-made ARIS hardware and software package, developed by engineers of the company Prosoft-Systems Ltd.


The system continuously collects, processes and transmits operational and process data to the control centers according to IEC 61850 protocol. It is worth noting that modern digital communication channels are used in the structure of the data collection and transmission system, ensuring high speed and accurate data exchange. 

Automated workplaces with the specialized ARIS-SCADA software were installed for operations management and control of the substation's equipment.

A smart commercial electricity-metering system based on Prosoft-Systems' central ECOM-3000 DATD device at the substation meters energy resources. Data on metered energy and diagnostic information are transmitted via the Ethernet channel in the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol to both the substation's process automation system and to the MES Ural data acquisition center.

Emergency control automation is also based on microprocessor technology. The modern MKPA set, produced by Prosoft-Systems, serves as the emergency control devices. It quickly identifies and prevents emergency situations.

According to Igor Danilov, a senior project manager at the Prosoft-Systems power automation department, the Iset substation can rightly be called unique:  "For this project, our company installed control cabinets for process automation system controllers at a 500 kV switchgear for the first time. Its close proximity to the substation's main technological equipment has significantly shortened cable routes during the construction phase and, in the future, will help minimize costs when upgrading and increasing the number of signals.”

Prosoft-Systems implemented another solution with the creation of a wide-area measurement system (WAMS) hardware and software package. WAMS facilitates the measurement, collection and transmission of synchronized vector measurements to the substation's process automation system and to dispatch centers. This complex operates around the clock and monitors the parameters of the electric power mode in all 500 kV overhead lines.

The Iset 500 kV substation has subsequently become a key facility, equipped with a full complex of Prosoft-Systems modern automation systems. Company specialists conducted the full range of work to implement the process automation system and WAMS within a very short period. In five months, the company drafted the project documentation, manufactured and delivered the equipment, and completed installation and commissioning.

Today, these Prosoft-Systems solutions ensure the substation operates securely, create an information technology base for further development, and increase the efficiency of dispatch process management.