«Energosfera» software package empowers energy accounting on Nizhneturinskaya TPP

23 January 2018

The Prosoft-Systems experts have created the turnkey smart metering system for commercial accounting of gaseous fuels and heat. The engineers managed to integrate a wide range of equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers into a single system, the higher level of which runs on an in-house software.

During the complex automation project of two new combined cycle gas turbine units of the Nizhneturinskaya Thermal Power Station in Sverdlovskaya Oblast, Prosoft-Systems carried out design and survey works, equipment delivery, installation supervision, commissioning, and metrological certification of  gaseous fuels and heat fiscal metering systems. Building of the gaseous fuels fiscal metering subsystem required the introduction of a gas commercial accounting unit for automated measurements, calculations, monitoring, and storage of the following parameters of gaseous fuels: flow, pressure, temperature, and quality metrics. Moreover, the aggregation of gas accounting information from two separate accounting units was arranged, which also included adjusting the gaseous fuels fiscal metering system gas flow data taking into account the gas quality. The aggregation was performed by an industrial controller via linking an on‑stream gas chromatograph and computers of the gas accounting units and further transferring the unified accounting data to the control panel of the Nizhneturinskaya TPP and to the gas supplier.

The customer required not only high accuracy and speed of measurements but also the possibility of integration of the system with ultrasonic gas meters and on-stream gas chromatograph on the plant floor. The Prosoft-Systems delivered a package of flow meters and controllers from the world leading manufacturers. In addition, the support of this equipment by software package Energosfera 8 has been organized. This software package is configured for the accounting of gaseous fuel of the Nizhneturinskaya TPP within the higher level of the gaseous fuels fiscal metering system while providing convenient data representation and protection of the measurement data in accordance with the user access rights.

The heat fiscal metering subsystem was implemented at six heating accounting units of the new power plant. The system use information from ultrasonic flow meters and pressure sensors along with a heat and power controller. The higher level of the system is also based on Energosfera 8 SW package. Besides, Prosoft-Systems performed commissioning on 24 heating accounting process units.

Assessing the results of the project, the general contractor for the construction of new Nizhneturinskaya TPP units (TEK Mosenergo AO) expressed its gratitude to the system developer. The cooperation between TEK Mosenergo and Prosoft-Systems successfully continues as the latter also carried out complex automation of the recently commissioned Yakutskaya TPP-2.

Today, Prosoft-Systems delivers its solutions to the Yuzhno-Sakhalinskaya TPP-2 (under construction).

Nizhneturinskaya TPPis the first large high-pressure power plant in the Ural region. Based on the plant, the largest investment project of PAO T Plus was implemented – the construction of a thermal power station with two combined cycle gas turbine units. The electric power of the new modern power station is 484 MW, while two hot water boilers produce a heating capacity of 261 Gcal/h. The new facility was put into operation on December 15, 2015.