First system for vibration monitoring and turbine-generator diagnostics launched

11 October 2018

Prosoft-Systems has implemented the first proprietary system for vibration monitoring and diagnostic system (AVMDS). The solution was put into operation on September 30, 2018 at the facility of turbine unit No. 6 of the Vladimirskaya CHP. It marked the completion of an important stage in the creation of an integrated automation system based on the REGUL controllers for the turbine unit.

The automatic vibration monitoring and diagnostic system (AVMDS) calculates and graphs data for vibration diagnostics on:

  • Harmonic components of the vibration
  • Reverse vibration components
  • Double reverse vibration component and its phases
  • Low-frequency vibration
  • High-frequency vibration
  • Jumps in parameter values
  • Vibration amplitude coefficient

This solution was created on the basis of a redundant REGUL R600 PLC, which implements all protection algorithms and interlocks, compares the parameters with set values, and signals when these values have been exceeded. It also forms relay signals for standard system protections. To ensure reliability, there are two central processors are used in different crates, redundancy of the communication lines and power supply units, as well as the distribution of signals engaged in protection across different modules.

The equipment's future functionality allows the system to be expanded to a full-scale process automation system for the turbine generator.

AVMDS is part of the Regul-based automated monitoring and turbine-generator diagnostic system, together with electrical components of the steam turbine control and protection system (ECAPS), automated control system for turbine and auxiliary equipment, and turbine overspeed protection (a triple electronic trip mechanism(TETM)).