Hardwaresoftware complex ARIS has commissioned into industrial operation at the largest energy facility of Kazan

10 May 2017

At Kazan TPS-3, the comprehensive verification of the soft- and hardware complex of wide area measurement system has been completed. Within the framework of the project, the engineers of the company «Prosoft Systems» have performed their complex activities on the implementation - from the equipment delivery to the facility up to starting into commercial operation.

The complex solution for WAMS includes the main components for the full-featured system construction: the PMU TPA-02, the time synchronization unit ISS-1, the sensor for measuring the parameters of the rotor excitation system of the generator UNC-2, the synchronized phasor data concentrator PDC. WAMS of Kazan TPS-3 enables to monitor the gas turbine operating parameters and five 220 kV-class power-transmission lines.

Within the framework of the project due to the implementation of complex WAMS at the largest industrial heating station in Kazan, the specialists of the company «Prosoft Systems» have performed their turnkey activities as soon as possible: equipment delivery, installation supervision, commissioning and putting the system into commercial operation. Nowthat, due to the new quality of information provided by the technology of synchronized phasor measurements, Kazan Thermal Power Plant-3 provides its high level of operational dispatch and automatic control of electric power systems operating mode.

It is necessary to add that the wide area measurement system, using the technology of synchronized vector measurements of the power system mode, is actively developing all over the world. Complex WAMS allows to obtain accurate online data regarding the parameters of steady and transient modes of the power system arising from technological disturbances or accidents. In this connection, more and more facilities of the unified energy system of the Russian Federation are equipped with phazor meters.