Major equipment delivery for construction of ops for trunk oil pipeline facilities

19 August 2011

Prosoft-Systems is taking part in the construction and reconstruction of electrical substations for external power supply to oil pipeline systems. Equipment was delivered for emergency control automation and transmission of the RP and EC commands to the oil pumping stations under construction. A reliable emergency control system will make using these facilities effectively to supply Russian regions with power possible.

In total, the new stations will receive about 40 equipment sets of the UPK-C device for signal and RP/EC commands transmission and 24 cabinets of the MKPA local emergency control automation. Additionally, due to the launch of a number of new OHLs and facilities in the near future, there are plans to modernize the UPAE node devices for emergency control automation.

Using the finest developments in oil pipeline design, construction, operation and power supply will provide this new pipeline system with excellent reliability and cause minimal impact on the environment.