Milestone release and an update to the ECOM series DATD

12 August 2016

In July, the 6.5 thousandth ECOM-3000 controller was released at the production facility of Prosoft-Systems. Today, the ECOM-3000 DATD is installed in thousands of power facilities across Russia and in CIS countries, where it is used as part of smart commercial metering system for electricity and other energy resources (AMR, control and regulation of utilities, and automated energy resources technical record-keeping). It is also used as a telecontrol controller. 

This year, the company began serial production of a new device, ECOM-3100 DATD. Sergey Tyukov, Prosoft-Systems Director of the Department for Automation of Power Systems, says: “Over the course of its almost twenty-year history, the ECOM series controller has bee updated and modified regularly. ECOM-3100 DATD is a fundamentally new device, significantly different from its predecessor both in its design solutions and in functionality. This device is designed to meet increasingly more stringent technical requirements and the additional wishes of our customers."

The new ECOM-3100 DATD has a modular design. It uses redundant processor boards and power blocks with hot-swapping support, which increases the device's reliability. 

Among its other innovations, the added function of direct input of discrete and unified analog signals as well as the ability to issue remote control commands are worth noting. In addition, the controller can exchange information with related devices and transmit data to the upper levels of automated systems, such as smart commercial electricity-metering systems, data acquisition and transmission systems, PAS, etc., in various digital protocols, including DLMS/COSEM and IEC 61850 (GOOSE and MMS).

To organize a wireless communication channel, the DATD provides built-in GPRS/3G/LTE modems. Controller time synchronization is possible from both NTP servers and the integrated GLONASS/GPS receiver.

Advanced functionality and improved performance characteristics of the ECOM-3100 will allow service personnel to appreciate the value in the new DATD and its user-friendliness.

In June, the ECOM-3100 controller was included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments. The certificate was issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.