New generation measuring system installed at Urengoyskaya TPP

26 August 2014

At the end of June, the engineering company Prosoft-Systems completed the latest work on creating a wide-area measurement system hardware and software package (WAMS) at Urengoyskaya TPP.

Urengoyskaya TPP is located in an area with harsh climate conditions and permafrost.  It is the only plant in the district that supplies heating and electricity for the whole region. 

With the goal of perfecting the methods and algorithms for managing power systems, a project was launched to implement Prosoft-Systems WAMS hardware and software package. Today, this solution allows Urengoyskaya TPP to control the mode parameters for all generators and 220 kV outgoing lines.

The WAMS hardware and software package collects and processes raw data to identify emergency situations. It enters this data into the events log and creates an archive. This project also covers data transmission from the WAMS package at Urengoyskaya TPP to Tyumen RDC along the primary and backup communication channels.

The package includes a fault detection systems (RES-3), a communication server (CS) and time synchronization system. Additionally, specialists installed an engineer automated workplace to monitor the current state of the system and its individual elements.

The WAMS hardware and software package works around the clock to: meter and register vector values for parameters of the electric power mode, which synchronizes through signals from the standard time satellite navigation system. It also conducts uninterrupted diagnostics on the system and its elements. 

As part of this project to implement the WAMS package at Urengoyskaya TPP,  Prosoft-Systems specialists completed all turnkey work within a very short period. It took on ly 6 months to design the system, supply the equipment, pre-commission and put the system into trial operation. 

Thanks to the improved quality of the data from the synchronized vector measurement technology, Urengoyskaya TPP now provides excellent dispatch control and automation management of the electric power system's modes of operation.