OHL of national energy system of Tajikistan to be fitted with AVANT k400 transceivers

12 September 2018

OHL of national energy system of Tajikistan to be fitted with AVANT k400 transceivers

Prosoft-Systems Ltd. met with the Chinese company Tebian Electric Apparatus Stock Co., Ltd, one of the largest suppliers of system solutions for the energy industry. It implements electric power construction projects across the globe. As a result of the TBEA representatives' visit to Ekaterinburg, a contract was signed for the supply of AVANT K400 transceivers and the pre-commissioning project for the construction of a 500 kV OHL for the Dushanbe substation in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Since 2014, Prosoft-Systems Ltd has been developing emergency control systems at power grid facilities in the Republic of Tajikistan. Among its projects are the installation of EC equipment at  Nurek HPP (MKPA, UPK-C), joint supply with Alstom to the 500 kV Regar substation (UPAE, MKPA, UPK-C, TM), and joint supply with Siemens to the Rogunskaya HPP (UPAE, MKPA, AVANT K400, RES-3). These subsystems will be integrated into the EC system in the Republics of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan under the CASA-1000 project.

In recent years, TBEA has also been implementing major projects to develop the national energy system of the Republic of Tajikistan. Among them is the construction of the CHP Dushanbe-2, with high-voltage power lines uniting sections of the power system within the country. AVANT K400 transceivers will be used to organize the high-frequency communication channels via the 500 kV transmission lines between Dushanbe substation and Rogunskaya HPP. The contract was signed by representatives of Prosoft-Systems and TBEA in Ekaterinburg, but the final customer is: Barki Tojik OAHK, Republic of Tajikistan. 

Previously, the TBEA delegation had visited the Prosoft-Systems manufacturing complex, where the next stage of modernization had been completed August 2018. Our foreign guests were shown the full production cycle for the equipment, as well as the capabilities of the Prosoft-Systems testing laboratory. Experts from the company presented a detailed overview of its developed signal transceivers for HF protection, RP/EC signals and commands over HF and digital communication channels, equipment for emergency automation and relay protection, automation solutions for substations and smart energy metering systems. The visit concluded with the signing of an agreement titled, “Rehabilitation and Construction of 500 kV High-Voltage Lines in Regions of Republican Subordination”, as well as the creation of a solid foundation for further cooperation.


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