Out-of-step Protection Devices at Kharanorskaya TPP Updated With MKPA-RZ

18 October 2019

Out-of-step Protection Devices at Kharanorskaya TPP Updated With MKPA-RZ

Prosoft-Systems has completed updates on devices for out-of-step protection at Kharanorskaya TPP, a branch of JSC Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants and the largest station in the Trans-Baikal Power System. The set of works were done as turnkey and included design, equipment manufacturing, construction, installation, and commissioning, as well as putting the MKPA-RZ emergency control automatics into operation.

Prosoft-Systems manufactured the redundant MKPA-RZ sets that were delivered to and commissioned at Kharanorskaya TPP to fulfill the functions of out-pf-step protection automatics. This equipment is based on the TPA-01 terminal and designed to implement protection and automation functions for 110–220 kV power lines and emergency control functions for the 110 kV voltage class and higher.

The innovative, reliable out-of-step protection system created for Kharanorskaya TPP became one of the first examples of introducing the MKPA-RZ package. Prosoft-Systems experts performed the equipment installation and commissioning quickly during scheduled power unit repairs, which allowed them to update the devices without affecting operations.

Prosoft-Systems has been assisting JSC Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants with construction and updates to its facilities since 2013. Its latest projects include equipping Iriklinskaya TPP with telecontrol and emergency control systems, a round of work at Verkhnetagilskaya TPP, automating new generation facilities at Mayakovskaya TPP, Talakhovskaya TPP, and Pregolskaya TPP in the Kaliningrad region.

Out-of-step Protection Devices at Kharanorskaya TPP Updated With MKPA-RZ

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