Prosoft-Systems Specialists Implement a Process Automation System and a Smart Commercial Electricity Metering System at the Volga District's Largest Solar Power Plant

28 May 2019

In May 2019, the Samara region launched one of the most powerful solar power plants in Russia, Samara SPP No. 2 (75 MW). This is a major project for the country in the area of solar energy with large-scale localization: 70% of the equipment installed was produced domestically. The engineering company Prosoft-Systems implemented the station's process automation and smart commercial electricity metering systems.

Prosoft-Systems specialists also produced all the necessary automation equipment and performed commissioning as part of the project. While creating the SPP's process automation system, automatic active power distribution regulation systems (GPFC systems) based on the ARIS PLC were implemented. They account for the SO UES JSC requirements for the power plant's participation in the general primary frequency control of the power system in the wholesale electricity market. The process automation system was built based on the ARIS 4810 communications controller, the ARIS C303 controllers and the ARIS SCADA software.

Also, as directed by Solar Systems LLC specialists, an algorithm was created and implemented to automatically control the state of the DC switching cabinets (DCSC) strings and the operability of the photovoltaic modules (FVM) at the Samara SPP. Implementing this algorithm has moved the performance monitoring system for the station's equipment to a higher level.

Additionally, Prosoft-Systems specialists conducted the metrological certification for the smart commercial electricity metering system, which was built based on the ECOM-3000 controllers and ENERGOSFERA software, with access to the wholesale electricity and power market. The power distribution scheme is designed so that the station connects to the IDGC of Volga power grids via a 110 kV overhead line to the 110 kV Novokuibyshevskaya CHP-2–Tomylovskaya in parallel with the existing network's operation mode.

Samara SPP No. 2 (a Solar Systems LLC facility) is located near the town of Novokuibyshevsk in the Samara region. It covers 220 hectares, in which 265,690 photovoltaic solar modules are installed. Construction on the facility began in 2018 and was carried out in three 25 MW stages. The station was put into commercial operation on May 21.

Prosoft-Systems had previously automated other facilities for Solar Systems LLC: the Zavodskaya, Promstroimaterialy, and Staromaryevskaya solar power plants. Currently, work is underway on the Oktyabrskaya and Peschanaya SPPs.


Prosoft-Systems has installed an automated system of general primary frequency control at the Zavodsk solar power plan

Prosoft-Systems was responsible for automating the second alternative-energy facility in the Astrakhan region