Prosoft-Systems aided the automation of retrofitted turbo generator of Novo-Ryazan thermal power station

19 January 2018

At the core of automated process control system for heat and power generation is the REGUL R500 failsafe controller.

The renovation project for turbine unit 4 of Novo-Ryazan thermal power station (TG-4) included the installation of a new R-30-1.5/0.12 heating turbine, retrofitting the existing TVS‑30 turbo generator and its interfacing with the turbine, as well as the replacement of auxiliary equipment. An important part of the project was the automation of TG-4 plant.

Having analyzed the automation equipment and solutions markets, the customer chose the Russian-built control system based on the PLC REGUL R500, designed for heavy-duty, failsafe process control for various industries.

The TG-4 automation system is based on two controllers. The first ensures the process protection and controls the operating parameters (speed, power, and steam pressure) of the steam turbine via Exlar GSX30 electromechanical actuator. To ensure reliability and increased fail-safety, the system features redundancy of CPU modules and communication channels with remote equipment on the plant floor. The second controller performs automatic control and remote management of control valves and auxiliary equipment. Algorithms for alarm and interlock management and automatic transfer switching are implemented in both controllers.

The higher level of the system consists of four workstations for real-time equipment control and one portable engineering workstation for adjustment and diagnostic work. Data is transferred via ARTI3 protocol. Process control system is powered by a supply system with redundancy.

Prosoft-Systems aided the automation of retrofitted turbo generator of Novo-Ryazan thermal power station

«Heat and power generation are critical processes that require a control system of high reliability, — explained Alexey Sherstobitov, head of the system integration group of the industrial automation department of Prosoft-Systems. That is why the process control system runs on high-performance, failsafe, flexible PLC REGUL R500. The system provides the power station operators with the information on performance parameters and the status of the actuators, allows remote management of the turbine unit equipment, and controls the processes in automatic mode.»

After the equipment delivery, the Prosoft-Systems experts have also provided the design documentation and performed installation supervision and commissioning. The retrofitted turbo generator successfully passed all required tests, including the generating facility control range check, and was connected to the power distribution grid of the Ryazan Oblast. Novo-Ryazan power station is the largest generator of heat and electric power in Ryazan.

As a result of retrofitting of the turbine unit, the installed electric power of TG-4 increased from 25 to 30 MW, and the heating capacity of the power station increased by 188.26 Gcal/h with the capability of year-round operation in the combined heat and power generation mode.