Prosoft-Systems and Positive Technologies will increase the cybersecurity of power oil and gas sectors

28 June 2017

The Prosoft-Systems (Yekaterinburg) and Positive Technologies (Moscow) have inked the bilateral agreement on their technological partnership. It regards the development of the complex solutions for protection of the PCS[1]/SCADA from cyberattacks. The joint products are supposed to integrate the best practices on information security of process control systems, and to offering on local and foreign markets.

The products we plan to develop together will be based on modern solutions on cybersecurity and an actual local and international standards, – said Dmitry Darensky, the Head of Industrial Cybersecurity of Positive Technologies. – Summarizing our experience in power, oil and gas industry projects, it becomes clear for us that our solutions on cybersecurity for utility systems are suitable not just to our customers, but to the developers of the process control systems as well. The Prosoft-Systems Ltd was the first company who proposed a specific plan of actions.

The Prosoft-Systems products and solutions will gain the various security techniques, e.g. attack and incident detections within the network infrastructure (including time-distributed), network anomaly identification, behavioral analysis of utility network components, detection of the logic distortion attacks on the technological processes, detection of incidents and attacks on specific features of the equipment, etc. The technological partnership with the manufacturer of the systems for utility automation will allow using of the Positive Technologies' products for monitoring vulnerabilities, identification of incidents and for secure development of the protected utility networks. In addition, this will allow the developers of PCS not just the simple integration of the modern components for cyberthreat protection, but will increase the total efficiency of the developing products as well.

During the past four years, the Positive Technologies experts have discovered and helped to eliminate over the 200 zero-day vulnerabilities within the PCS and SCADA systems. According to the analytical report "ICS Security: 2016 year in review" set by Positive Technologies, the Internet cybercriminals can gain their access on more than 162 thousand PCS components, including 4,5 thousand devices at power utilities.

«Positive Technologies» experience will allow us to offer companies of oil, gas and energy industries the products and solutions which are compliant the actual and prospective international security requirements, – as commented Alexey Dymshakov, the deputy director of R&D department of the company Prosoft Systems. – Positive Technologies' researches regarded the safety of PCS has long earned international recognition within the expert community. The products of the partner-company also have their excellent reputation amongst our customers.


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[1] PCS – Process Control System