Prosoft-Systems at KIOGE-2018: Russian Innovations for Oil and Gas Industry of Kazakhstan

18 September 2018

Prosoft-Systems will take part in the Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition – КIOGE-2018 that will take place in Almaty from September 26 through September 28, 2018. The Russian developers will demonstrate an extensive array of capabilities in industrial automation: State-of-the-art equipment and functional solutions for industrial process control at oil and gas facilities. They will also conduct a technical seminar for automation engineers.

The equipment and software designed and made by the Prosoft-Systems Engineering Company will be displayed at the Atakent Center for Business Cooperation, Pavilion 10, Booth 10-134. The company will showcase its key products and technologies for implementation of large-scale projects in deploying high-tech multi-level control and automation systems.

The booth display will present the upgraded product line for automated power supply at oil and gas facilities:

  • ARIS 2808/2805/2803 multifunction controllers for automated information and measurement systems, telemetry, and automated fiscal metering system for electricity
  • ARIS C303 switchgear controller
  • ARIS 2203/2205/2208 controllers for 6-35 kV switchgears
  • ARIS-2308 controllers for relay protection and emergency control, for automated process control systems, 6-35 kV
  • ECOM-3100 modular data acquisition and transmission device

In addition, the Prosoft-Systems specialists will introduce Redkit SCADA, new-generation software for automation of power and production facilities. Another product to showcase is the Energosfera® 8 software package providing visualization of power consumption for each process: oil production, treatment, gas supply, compensation, drilling operations, etc.

During KIOGE-2018, Prosoft-Systems will conduct technical seminar "Modern Russian Equipment for Automation of Production and Power Facilities of the Kazakhstan Oil and Gas Industry". The seminar scheduled for September 26, 2018 is intended for executive managers and automation engineers, power engineers working in the oil and gas industry, representatives of design companies, and system integrators.

The Prosoft-Systems experts will tell about widely adopted integrated solutions for automation of production processes and power supply at oil and gas facilities. The seminar agenda includes building of fault-tolerant automated process control systems based on the AlfaRegul software and hardware complex; solutions for automated dispatch control systems operating at oil and gas or other industrial facilities; presentation of the Energosfera 8 software package for automated information and measurement systems for fiscal electricity metering for the wholesale and retail electricity market, power supply metering systems, advanced metering infrastructure.

The seminar will be held on September 26, 2018 at: 42 Timiryazev St., Atakent Center for Business Cooperation, Pavilion 10, Room 10-205.

Hours: 11:00 - 13:00