«Prosoft-Systems» company continues its «smart» manufacturing policy

23 October 2017

In October, automated selective soldering line has ben started onto the company’s production areas. New hardware meets the requirements of «Industry 4.0» concept, due to the Russian-unique traceability module.

Regarding production increasing which «Prosoft-systems» Ltd. constantly faces, the task of capacity expanding to solder output elements has been erased. In view of the company’s overall strategy for automating and digitalizing its production, it was decided to acquire soft- and hardware complex that would meet this challenge at modern level, to improve productivity and quality control.

After detailed studying of the variants, «Prosoft-systems» specialists has had their choice at ERSA VERSAFLOW 3/45 manufactured by ERSA, well-known German enterprise. The line uses a number of proprietary technical solutions, such as very reliable electromagnetic soldering pump within its soldering module. The line uniqueness is that, in addition to traditional preheating, fluxing and soldering modules, VERSASCAN module is included into it to provide complete traceability of product’s manufacturing cycle.

«At the input, the module reads the board’s ID, which allows to record operation’s period and complete list of soldering parameters,» as explained Sergei Averin, Executive Director of «Prosoft-Systems». «- Online data is transferred into enterprise ERP system and brings product quality to its new level. We can see the whole history of each board’s creating — when and who performed operations, which lot components were used when soldered, etc. Collecting data, it makes possible to analyze repeatability of defects and to eliminate its causes. In the future, due to software expanding, the line will be able to verify independently availability and correct components installing».

The new line will be fully operational within few months, and it will increase the company’s capacity to perform soldering of output elements by 1.5 to 2-fold. A separate board’s soldering period will increase several folds in comparison to the operation manual executing.

Already, «Prosoft-Systems» production complex now has got a number of «smart» production elements (Smart Industry). The new line has turned to be another important step towards full development of «Industry 4.0».