«Prosoft-Systems» company has implemented its comprehensive project onto new power unit within Perm SDPP

20 September 2017

 In August, «Inter RAO» group has put into operation new steam-gas unit within Perm LEPS with its installed capacity of 861 MW. As part of the project, «Prosoft-Systems» has completed comprehensive supplying and installing of systems to ensure safe operation of power plant and the Perm-Zakamsk energy node. In total, more than 40 cabinets have been installed onto the facility.

Power Unit No. 4 of Perm LEPS constructing is considered to be the largest investment project of «Inter RAO» Group. After starting the object, the LEPS capacity has been increased by one third - up to 3261 MW, and the facility has entered the top of the country's largest thermal power plants.

The delivery performed by «Prosoft-Systems» has included 16 cabinets of microprocessor-based emergency control system «MKPA». Three of station cabinets have been installed onto new power unit and three due to requirements of System Operator (SO), onto previously developed power units № 1-3. «MKPA» station cabinets have got their function to eliminate asynchronous mode and block turn-off fixation. Ten other «ΜKPA» cabinets are supposed to control 220 and 500 kV lines. Their main functions are line turn-off fixing, asynchronous mode automatic eliminating, and  equipment overload limiting. Two linear cabinets with their optional feature of autotransformer turn-off fixation are designed to regulate autotransformers operation. Also within some linear cabinets, it is possible to fix heavy short circuits  and bus systems turn-off fixation.

New power unit putting into operation has required the introduction of local automatics to prevent stability disruption of power system based on emergency control device within the energy center («UPAE»). Two mutually reserving subsets of «UPAE» collect tele-data not only from Perm SDPP, but also from nearby large power plants- «Kalino» 500 kV SS, «Severnaya» 500 kv SS, Kama HGS, etc. The devices analyze the data according to the specified algorithms and provide control effects to disconnect the lines or to unload generating capacity of the power node. Within the fourth power unit, OHLs 500 kv and OHL 220 kv, the telemetry data collecting (capacity values) for «UPAE» is performed using three telemetry cabinets of emergency control system, also have been included into the shipping.

In addition, «Prosoft-Systems» company has developed and shipped Accident Registration System (RAS) based on four digital loggers of electrical events «RES-3» due to the new power unit and outgoing lines. The named devices are intended to measure current force, voltage, phase shift, power, and power and frequency factor, and perform oscillographing of emergency modes.

Hardware-software complex of wide area measurements systems (WAMS) has also been implemented at the facility.  The system consists of five «TPA-02-based» cabinets with phasor measurements function and PDC cabinet, including two mutually reserving servers with their storage capacity of 3 TB per each server. WAMS provides monitoring of transitional modes and data transferring  to Automated Measurement Center WAMS Interregional Dispatching Office of the Urals to be analyzed further on.

To exchange technological information with System operator automated system, another development of «Prosoft-Systems» is used - system of technological data exchange with the automated system of the system operator cabinets. The devices allow to transfer the data regarding currents, connections capacities, signals showing states of switching apparatus, signals regarding actuation or malfunction of devices of relay protection and accidental automatics. Within the project system of technological data exchange with the automated system of the system operator four cabinets have been installed: one is for the power Unit No. 4, two are to control 500 and 220 kN OHLs, and another server cabinet collecting all  technological information from new and old units of the station and their connections. The cabinet with its two mutually reserving servers, also has got the server of RAS system to receive the data from «RES-3» cabinets. To provide system of technological data exchange with the automated system of the system operator functioning, it is used «Prosoft-Systems» software - «ARIS SCADA».

Quite important component of the project has been establishing automated system regarding commercial accounting of energy resources, allowing to work onto local wholesale market of electricity and power, and to interact with counterparties. One of the four implemented cabinets of automated measuring and information system for electric power fiscal accounting (AM&ISFEPFA)installed onto the facility combines the functions of data collecting and transferring device (USPD) and server. Perm SDPP also has been equipped with automated workstation with interface to review real data regarding energy produced and sold. At the top level of AM&ISFEPFA, "Energosphera 8" software complex is running.

Under the contract, "Prosoft-Systems" specialists have established channels of communication and installed cabinets to determine damage locations onto the lines by arranging delivery and installation of third-party equipment.

Thus, «Inter RAO» Group has been provided with comprehensive solution consisting of large-scale shipment, installation and adjustment of a variety of systems. Unified responsibility center helps the customer to reduce significantly their time and financial costs.