Prosoft-Systems continues to implement modernization projects for alatau zharyk company facilities

16 December 2013

In November 2013, engineering company Prosoft-Systems supplied equipment for the implementation of telecontrol systems at DS-24 (JSC AZHK, Republic of Kazakhstan).

Prosoft-Systems has many years of experience working with JSC AZHK. It owns a large energy system for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy for the population, as well as industrial and agricultural enterprises in Almaty and the Almaty region. In particular, Prosoft-Systems has been supplying JSC AZHK facilities with equipment for the automated meter reading system for more than five years. In 2012 and 2013, another avenue for cooperation emerged: implementing telecontrol systems at JSC AZHK power facilities. To date, several projects have been developed and are being prepared for implementation using solutions based on the MTD ECOM-TM, produced by Prosoft-Systems.

Controllers in the MTD ECOM-TM family combine the functionality necessary for telecontrol systems and electricity metering systems. These controllers feature a wide range of supported metering devices and advanced data exchange capabilities with the equipment used (or planned for use) at AZHK power facilities. These include MiCOM (Schneider Electric) protection terminals, Alpha A1800 (ELSTER) meters, SATEC multifunctional measuring instruments (PM130, EM133, etc.) and more. All the above allows the client to optimize the composition of the equipment and the cost of implementing or upgrading the aforementioned systems.