Prosoft-Systems developers announce the latest solutions in industrial automation

27 April 2018

Prosoft-Systems Ltd. is working on creating new products for the process automation. The company is launching the unique AlfaRegul industrial control system, designed for building critical and distributed control systems for various industries. The RX00 family of REGUL controllers will serve as the base for the hardware and software package, with the Alfa software package running the upper level. Alongside the new hardware and software package announcement, the company presented the concept for a REGUL R500S controller, a one-of-a-kind in Russia, for ESD systems up to the SIL3 level of safety.

Prosoft-Systems specialists spoke about upcoming innovations at NEFTEGAZ 2018 – 18th International Exhibition for Equipment and Technologies for Oil and Gas Industries. The first announcements for the new products planned for release were heard by the heads of automation services in the largest energy and industrial holdings, design organizations and system integrators, who were invited to the technical seminar “New Russian AlfaRegul industrial control system for building critical and distributed process automation systems at oil and gas facilities”. The seminar was held on the second day of the exhibition, gathering a full audience of both regular Prosoft-Systems partners and potential clients interested in highly reliable solutions for creating automated control systems.

Commercial Director of Prosoft-Systems, Gleb Batalin, together with Atomiq Soft CEO Valery Odegov, announced the new Russian AlfaRegul industrial control system for critical and distributed control systems. Atomiq Soft JSC acts as a project partner, providing the software portion of AlfaRegul, using the Alfa software designed for building modern SCADA and DCS systems. Atomiq Soft Technical Director Kirill Silkin described the features and implementation experience for the Alfa platform and demonstrated its capabilities in configuring the settings and subsystems performance.

Alexey Elov, Technical Director of the Industrial Automation Department at Prosoft-Systems Ltd., presented the REGUL R500S controller concept. The product's key technical parameters, module architecture and software support were discussed during the presentation. The controller meets the requirements of IEC 61508. It will support a SIL3 security level, even in a single-channel configuration, as well as various redundancy schemes for improved fault tolerance.

Seminar participants asked about the stage of completion and release dates for the AlfaRegul industrial control system, as well as the features of implementing ESD systems based on REGUL R500S controllers. The event concluded with assurance that the market is experiencing a demand for efficient, reliable DCS and ESD systems from domestic manufacturers, meaning that the capabilities and features for the demonstrated solutions would soon find applications.

BatalinGleb Batalin, Commercial Director of Prosoft-Systems Ltd.

"The communication our company had with the experts using emergency protections systems at their facilities was of particular value at the development stage of the REGUL R500S controller. This was important for understanding the device's applicability at Russian enterprises. As a result, we were convinced that this concept and key technical solutions fully meet the expectations of our clients and are on par with, and in some ways are superior to, the products from international vendors."

SilkinKirill Silkin, Technical Director of Atomiq Soft JSC

“The technical seminar was productive. We got double the value from the event. First, we saw the audience's active interest in the AlfaRegul industrial control system and Alfa software platform. Second, we received feedback from the audience about the characteristics of the new DCS and got to discuss the applications of distributed control systems in Russia with experts in process automation systems."