Prosoft-Systems expands its presence in the Republic of Belarus

14 April 2009

The engineering company Prosoft-Systems has been successfully cooperating with the subdivisions of RUE Belenergo since 2008.

In November 2008, Prosoft-Systems won RUE Belenergo's open tender for the purchase of equipment for the capital construction project "Phase 1 of construction of an Automated Electricity Control and Metering System for Interstate, Intersystem, Power Flows and Generation (AECMS IIPFG)."

In the 1st quarter of 2009, equipment was delivered to RUE Belenergo: Brestenergo, Vitebskenergo, Gomelenergo, Grodnoenergo, Minskenergo, and Mogilevenergo.

In April 2009, at the training center facility of UP NIISA in Minsk, Prosoft-Systems specialists conducted training for specialists from UP NIISA, RUE Minskenergo, RUE Brestenergo, RUE Mogilevenergo, RUE Vitebskenergo, RUE Gomelenergo, RUE ODU, and representatives from these contracting and commissioning organizations: Elektrocentromontazh, RUE BelTEI, JSC Belelektromontazhnaladka and others that work with the ECOM-3000 DATD. Upon completing the training, attendees were given course certificates for the operation and administration of the ECOM hardware and software package. 

In the near future, a Prosoft-Systems representative office is planned to open in the Republic of Belarus. This need for representation stems from the desire to improve the quality and efficiency of service for end-consumers in the republic, as well as to ensure ongoing interaction between customers and Prosoft-Systems specialists.

The mission of representation will include:

  • Representing and protecting the interests of Prosoft-Systems, Ltd. within the Republic of Belarus;
  • Facilitating and developing mutually beneficial cooperation with the customers and partners in Belarus;
  • Facilitating the exchange of experience and information in science and technology.

Contact information of the Representative Office in the Republic of Belarus:

117 Prospekt Nezavisimosti, Office 100, Minsk, 220600