Prosoft-Systems experts demonstrated how RedKit can enable monitoring of general primary frequency control

27 August 2020

Specialists of the engineering company Prosoft-Systems participated in the online meeting of the Energy Committee of the Sverdlovsk Regional Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs which was dedicated to digitalization of the energy industry and other fields of economy. Jointly with the colleagues from Perm Territory, Sverdlovsk Region, and Chelyabinsk Region, they discussed the challenges associated with equipment intellectualization and presented developments for power generation facilities.
The online meeting was held on August 20, 2020, with the key topic related to growth of Russian high-tech products manufacture. Egor Skorokhodov, Chief Engineer for Application of Prosoft-Systems, told about the company's solutions to monitor participation in general primary frequency control.
The speaker described the company's capabilities in terms of equipping the power facilities and upgrading existing process data-exchange systems with system operator as to monitoring systems for participation in general primary frequency control—which is implemented based on the RedKit software package. Redkit is designed to create automation data management systems at energy and industrial facilities. It encompasses the features of SCADA systems, including:
- high-level user interface
- flexible reporting and visualization settings
- secure storage of archive data
RedKit package can be used at power facilities as a full fledged SCADA for developing process data-exchange systems with system operator (APCS for electrical equipment), or a software platform to tackle local tasks (e.g. creating a system to monitor participation in general primary frequency control).
RedKit is included in the register of Russian software and databases of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, and certified as part of the data acquisition and transmission system and the automated process control system of Rosseti PJSC and FGC UES PJSC. Supporting different data exchange protocols (IEC 61850 8 1(MMS), IEC 60870 5 104, Modbus, TCP, OPC), the RedKit package is a cross-platform solution that allows building an integrated digital model of a power facility.
RedKit's advantages include hot sparing of data acquisition component, and duplicating SQL storage servers and automated workstations. This solution allows including the general primary frequency control module in the set of the existing SCADA systems when upgrading power facilities, and using it in post-event analysis of participation in general primary frequency control