Prosoft-Systems Experts to Discuss Innovation in the Power and Industry Sectors at INNOPROM

03 July 2019

Engineering company Prosoft-Systems will take part in the INNOPROM International Industrial Trade Fair, which will be held on July 8–11, 2019 in Ekaterinburg. Over the course of these four days, the company's specialists will be presenting the latest trends in industrial automation at their booth. On July 8, the general director of Prosoft-Systems, Alexander Rasputin, is set to speak at the business session "Digital Transformation of the Power Grid 2030. The Regional Aspect." Participants will discuss automation processes for growth in the power sector, the rise of "smart" markets and the potential of import substitution.

INNOPROM is one of the primary industry, trade and export arenas in Russia, presenting various industries with advanced technologies. Six hundred industry corporate exhibitors from 20 countries will participate in 2019. During the event, specialists from Prosoft-Systems will demonstrate equipment and integrated automation solutions for power, oil & gas, and industrial facilities. A separate section of the stand, prepared with the support of the Russian Export Center, will be devoted to developments for power grid digitalization.

At booth No. 2A8, pavilion No. 2, event participants will be able to see examples of the following equipment and software.

Process automation

  • AlfaRegul hardware and software package for constructing reliable distributed process automation systems
  • REGUL R500S programmable logic controller for ESS systems
  • REGUL R600 and R500 programmable logic controllers for building safety-critical, fault-tolerant systems
  • REGUL R400 and R200 programmable logic controllers for building local process automation and telecontrol systems
  • Examples of process automation systems created with the REGUL RX00 PLC


  • Alfa Platform software environment for building modern visualization and dispatch control systems
  • Epsilon LD software for working with the REGUL RX00 controllers

Power supply automation Equipment line updates

  • ARIS 4810 communications controller
  • DCU ECOM-3100 modular data aquisition and transmitting device
  • ARIS 2803/2805/2808/2814 multifunctional controllers for creating smart commercial metering, telecontrol, and automated energy resource record-keeping systems
  • ARIS-2305/2308 6–35 kV multifunctional terminal for process automation systems, relay protection and automation
  • ARIS 2203/2205/2208 6–35 kV switchgear bay controllers with process automation, smart metering, and phase-to-phase/single-phase-to-earth-fault determination functionality
  • ARIS 4208/4212/4214 750–110 kV bay controller
  • ARIS C303 110–220 kV bay controller


  • Redkit software package—a new generation system for automating power and process facilities
  • Energosfera 8.1 software package, with the ability to visualize energy consumption for each operating process in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, power generation and distribution, gas distribution, and other industries.

Digital substation solutions:

  • ARIS-EM digital multifunction electric meter
  • ARIS 4208/4214 discrete signal converter
  • RES-3-61850 digital substation fault recorder
  • ISS-2.1 time-synchronization device
  • UNC 3.4 digital normalizing device

We look forward to seeing you at our stand, located at No. 2A8, pavilion No. 2, the Ekaterinburg-EXPO International Exhibition Center (12 Expo Boulevard)

Exhibition hours:

July 8 9:00–18:00
July 9 9:00–18:00
July 10 9:00–18:00
July 11 9:00–17:00

On July 8, at 4:45 pm, during the business program, a discussion will begin on the digital transformation of the power grid. The event will be attended by the Sverdlovsk region's top officials, heads of companies in the electric power industry, enterprise automation system manufacturers and the scientific community. General Director Alexander Rasputin will represent Prosoft-Systems. He is set to be one of the speakers at the "Technology" session and, together with other participants, will discuss current opportunities in the industry.

Prosoft-Systems also suggests visiting its multifunction production complex and power facilities, which are equipped with automation systems manufactured by the company, during the INNOPROM exhibition.

The company has held to a consistent policy of creating "smart production" since 2015. Today, the most advanced equipment and technologies operate in an area of over 12,000 m2, and automated production and processing lines that meet the requirements for the Industry 4.0 concept have been put into commission. Because of this, it is able to unerringly track the life cycle of products and ensure that the quality of our equipment matches that of the global industry leaders.

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