Prosoft-Systems Installs European Smart Storage System for SMD Components

17 July 2019

Prosoft-Systems Installs European Smart Storage System for SMD Components

An ISM 3600 ULTRAFLEX intelligent automatic storage system for components has begun operation in the Prosoft-Systems manufacturing complex. The equipment, which is designed for storage and efficient order selection, was put into operation in the printed circuit board assembly shop. Thanks to its innovative design, it ensures concurrent storage for up to 3,600 storage units, and due to the system's great flexibility, the time spent preparing components and resetting surface-mounting assembly lines has been significantly reduced.

The ISM 3600 ULTRAFLEX system is a cabinet for dry storage of SMD components under low humidity conditions (5%). Components are located in specialized cases with large variety of heights, and the system manages the tray configuration automatically. ISM software calculates the shelf life of every component with the absolute accuracy, and the operational stock of components is replenished based on the data from the production plan and the ERP system's calculations. The process of loading and placing the contents inside the cabinet is fully automated. Delivery of a set for a production order occurs on the operator's command.

Averin“Our specialists designed an integration scheme with a general ERP system that allows us to automate the processes of replenishing the operational components stock and selecting them for each individual order”, comments Sergey Averin, Executive Director of Prosoft-Systems. “This significantly reduces the time spent finding the right coils and, thus, improves the performance of two processing lines operating parallel to each other. While one order is being assembled, active preparation is underway for the next. Thanks to this feature, fulfilling orders has become as fast and as efficient as possible”.

Prosoft-Systems improves its manufacturing equipment annually. In 2018, the capabilities of the manufacturing complex received a boost from the launch of a second PCB surface-mounting line, a second AOI unit and quality control inspections for solder paste application, which helps improve the quality of board installation at the initial stage and increases productivity. Regular investments in strengthening its facilities allow Prosoft-Systems to increase the volume of devices it manufactures, reduce process costs and ensure product quality meets that of global leaders.

Prosoft-Systems Installs European Smart Storage System for SMD Components


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