Prosoft-Systems introduces telecontrol at substations feeding coal strip mines

22 January 2019

Engineering company ProSoft-Systems has created a telecontrol and communications system at the Krasnogorskaya and Kureinskaya 110 kV substations in the Kemerovo region. The work was performed as part of a project to modernize communication channels and telecontrol in the Yuzhny-1 power district.

Presently, the Krasnogorskaya and Kureinskaya 110 kV substations supply power to coal mine consumers. The quality and reliability of power supply systems and their elements is one of the key factors in the efficient and safe operation of mining enterprises.

The telecontrol and communications system at both substations is based on the ARIS MT200 multifunctional controllers. The devices provide online monitoring of equipment operation, emergency situations forecasts and promptly responses to failures in the power system. Supporting various protocols, ARIS MT200 controllers also exchange data with related systems and the higher levels of automated systems.

Thus, complete and timely information about equipment operation ensures the power supply system's reliability and stability. As a result of introducing telecontrol at substations, the service quality for existing consumers improves ensuring an uninterrupted supply of power to mining enterprises.