Prosoft-Systems is reconstructing the Saratov energy system

05 June 2018

Prosoft-Systems is reconstructing the Saratov energy system

The engineering company Prosoft-Systems is carrying out a series of construction and commissioning tasks under the title "The Elimination of Bottlenecks in the Saratov Energy System in Part of Automated Relay-Protection and Emergency-Control System." The project is included in FGC UES's investment program for 2016-2020, which was approved by the Russian Federation's Ministry of Energy.

The series of tasks includes the reconstruction of substations belonging to Main Electric Networks of  Volga, a subsidiary of UES FGC, PJSC, by replacing certain types of equipment with a turnkey system. In keeping with the previously designed project, Prosoft-Systems is delivering to the power grid facilities the following devices that were manufactured in-house:

  • AVANT R400 relay protection transceiver for automated relay-protection system
  • RES-3-64/48 and RES-3-64/72 digital fault recorders
  • devices for transmitting alarms and commands based on the AVANT K400
  • packages of special integrity protection schemes based on MKPA cabinets

The functional purpose of the installed MKPAs is to automatically detect and eliminate asynchronous modes (out-of-step protection), eliminate current overloads on equipment (equipment overload protection), and detect line trips (Line trippin identification algorithm).

At the present time, the equipment has been introduced in four of the nine planned substations:

  • the 220 kV Podlesnoe substation
  • the 220 kV Pushkin substation
  • the 220 kV Rtishchevo substation
  • the 220 kV Khopyor substation

There are plans for the new equipment at the remaining five substations to be operational by late 2018.

Prosoft-Systems is reconstructing the Saratov energy system

When updating substations, particular focus is placed on integrating microprocessor-based emergency-control devices into the substations’ existing DCS (distributed control system) and the data acquisition and transmission systems, which are based on the SELTA and SECTOR-8000 hardware and software bundles. The expert personnel from Prosoft-Systems Ltd met this challenge, ensuring that the newly introduced relay-protection devices were visible from the automated workstations of the operations staff, while also arranging for the necessary remote data to be transmitted to the top level — into the automated dispatch-control system of the Saratov Regional Dispatch Office, a subsidiary of SO UES JSC.

As part of a comprehensive project to eliminate bottlenecks in the Saratov energy system, Prosoft-Systems is also replacing the high-frequency line-protection transceivers for the 220 kV high-voltage lines relay-protection at the Balakovskaya Nuclear Power Plant – Tsentralnaya-1,2 and Ershovskaya and is setting up digital systems to transmit emergency-control signals and commands between the 220kV Kurdyum substation and the 220kV Aktarskaya substation.

All of the software and hardware solutions from Prosoft-Systems are included in the list of "Equipment, Technologies, and Materials Permitted for Use at the Facilities Belonging to UES FGC, PJSC and Which Meet the Requirements of IEC and GOST Standards." The installed systems have a planned service life of at least twenty years.