Prosoft-Systems LtD. releases five thousandth ECOM-3000

08 August 2013


In July of 2013, the engineering company Prosoft-Systems manufactured its five thousandth copy of the data acquisition and transmission device, the ECOM-3000 DATD.
This device has been in production since 1997 and commercially available since 1998.

The ECOM-3000 DATD controller was created as the basis for forming modern metering systems for electricity and energy resources (water, steam, natural gas, oxygen, compressed air, etc.). Its main function is to survey metering devices, aggregate the data and transmit it in the standard form to the server. In addition, the controller has functions for archiving and processing data, and it provides telemetric control over the equipment and network operation modes.

Over the years of its production, the ECOM-3000 has undergone several significant modifications and functional improvements. It has always stood at the forefront in the field of energy metering and, in many ways, anticipated future market needs.

Thus, in 1997, the first ECOM-3000-based automated electricity metering system was implemented at the largest Russian enterprise for the production of refined copper, JSC Uralelektromed.  

As early as 1998, the COM had been certified as a universal energy-metering controller that performs the role of a DATD with pulse counters to meter the electricity of various types of energy resources (water, steam, gas, compressed air, argon, etc.). 

In 2000, the creation of the interdepartmental automated meter reading system based on the ECOM hardware and software package for PAO Severstal became the most ambitious project for forming an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) in Russia. 

After 2001, the ECOM-based smart commercial electricity-metering systems were one of the first built at FOREM. Digital meters (Alpha and SET-4ТМ) were supported. Equally successful the controllers appeared on the wholesale energy market. Today, more than a quarter of smart commercial electricity-metering systems for the wholesale energy market are equipped with ECOMs. Dozens of energy meter protocols were adopted. The powerful hardware platform processes data of up to 2000 signals from hundreds of meters.

In 2004, introduction of smart commercial electricity-metering systems based on the ECOM hardware and software package for the wholesale electricity market began. Today, the ECOM-3000 DATD controller is widely used to create energy metering systems at the largest energy, industrial and social facilities in Russia and CIS countries: RusHydro, OGK, TGC, FGC UES, Rosatom, Russian Railways, TAIF-NK, NLMK, Evraz-HOLDING, and more. Metering systems have also been implemented in network and industrial enterprises in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Belarus. In particular, an automated meter reading system of intersystem and interstate power flows was created on the basis of the "three thousand" device in the Republic of Belarus, as well as an energy metering system at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

In 2007, ECOMs were breaking into a new market—telecontrol and automated dispatch control systems. The controller is becoming a full-fledged telecontrol remote station, meeting the most stringent requirements (RAO UES Order No. 603). The timing accuracy of ATS's "5 seconds/day" increased to 1 ms!  There was a unique opportunity to use one controller with meters connected in both the smart electricity-metering and automated dispatch control systems, including the telecontrol modules.

The controller has repeatedly passed certification for the wholesale energy market and the Federal Grid Company.

In 2012, DATD modifications were done to allow the ECOM to work in the retail electricity market.
Equipped with a built-in GPRS-modem and a standard time system, the controller represents a four-in-one device: A DATD of smart commercial electricity-metering system for the retail energy market, a telecontrol remote station, a modem and a time synchronization system. And in each of these cases, we can safely add "for the first time, one of the first."

The growing demand for the ECOM-3000 is also indicated by the dynamics of the device's production and sales. The first thousand copies were released over the course of 7 years (from 1998 to 2005), and the second thousand within 3 years.  Later, production capacity increased to one thousand pieces in 2 years. Then, the fifth set of one thousand ECOM-3000s was produced and sold in one year.

The retail electricity market, automation of distribution network substations, digital substation process automation systems, smart metering, the SmartGRID... they all dictate the new conditions and open up new prospects. A powerful platform, a successful history and a highly professional development team allow ECOMs to look into the future with confidence, ready to explore new horizons.