Prosoft-Systems LTD. supplied equipment and performed pre-commissioning work at the 330/220/110/35 kv Miradino SS in the Mogilev region, construction phase 3

12 January 2012

On December 28, 2011, an official facility commissioning ceremony was held for the “Reconstruction of the 330/220/110/35 kV Miradino SS in the Mogilev Region, construction phase 3”. The opening ceremony was attended by Minister of Energy for the Republic of Belarus A.V. Ozerets, First Deputy Minister E.F. Tovpenets, General Director of the SPA Belenergo A.R. Shirma, and General Director of RUE Mogilevenergo K.I. Putilo, and more.

The substation's reconstruction used products and solutions from Prosoft-Systems Ltd. ( Ekaterinburg) together with the development from AGAT-Control Systems JSC ( Minsk):  

 As part of this reconstruction, the companies' specialists carried out pre-commissioning work to launch the equipment, the acceptance tests and the putting into commercial operation.

Also, as part of this program for smart electricity-metering system of Interstate, Intersystem, Power Flows and Electricity Generation, the smart electricity-metering system installed at the Miradino substation was based on the ECOM-3000 DATD controller, a Prosoft-Systems Ltd. development. 

The Miradino substation, put into operation in 1959, is a backbone substation, the second largest in the Republic of Belarus power system. The substation transits electricity between the Vitebsk, Mogilev, Minsk and Gomel regions. It also supplies power to consumers in Bobruisk, the six  administrative districts adjacent to the Mogilev and Minsk regions, the Belarusian Steel Works, and Belshina JSC.