Prosoft-Systems participated in testing short-term power system interconnection of the East and Siberia

03 September 2015

Prosoft-Systems wide-area measurement system registers were used when conducting unique field tests for switching to parallel synchronous operation of the United Energy Systems (UES) of the East and Siberia.

The tests were carried out by JSC System Operator of the Unified Energy System to determine the main characteristics, indicators and the parallel operation conditions of the united energy systems of the East and Siberia.

To test the 220 kV substations of Mogocha and Skovorodino, recorders of the TPA-02 wide-area measurement system, produced by Prosoft-Systems, were installed to collect real-time data about the parameters of the electric power system mode.

In accordance with the testing program, three experiments for parallel synchronous operation of UES Vostok and UES Siberia were conducted, during which the TPA-02 devices recorded all the necessary data. Operating conditions for short-term parallel operation of the UES Vostok and Siberia were determined based on the information from the tests.

Tests performed with the use of modern microprocessor technologies confirmed the possibility of stable short-term parallel synchronous operation of the integrated power systems of the East and Siberia, which will improve the reliability of power supply to consumers in the eastern regions of the Trans-Baikal Territory during switching operations in electrical installations and repairs at electrical grid facilities.

The power systems' parallel synchronous operation unifies their electrical connections with the possibility of power flow and their operation at a single frequency. At present, the electrical connections between the UES Vostok and the UES Siberia do not provide for the possibility of extended parallel synchronous operation of these power systems.

This text was prepared using materials from SO UES JSC.