Prosoft-Systems participates in reconstruction of Khabarovsk CHP-3

01 April 2019

The engineering company Prosoft-Systems has completed installation of a block-type gas pressure-control unit (BGCU) at the hot-water peaking boiler plant at Khabarovsk CHP-3. Operations were performed under the station's equipment upgrade program, the first stage of which was the conversion of boiler unit No. 1 to burn natural gas.

The peaking water boiler lets Khabarovsk CHP-3 to maintain a stable temperature schedule. Converting the equipment to gas fuel will both improve the ecological situation and allow the station to function more reliably and cost-effectively.

The BGCU of the hot-water peaking boiler plant consists of five blocks. It includes a:

  • gas treatment and filtering block with three filters 300 mm in diameter;
  • commercial gas metering station — a measuring system built on a chamber-type restrictive flow orifice plate with the SPG 761.2 electronic corrector, which includes two DN 300 gas metering lines (main and backup) and a DN 250 low-flow gas line;
  • purge line consisting of three primary pressure reduction lines (2 in service and 1 auxiliary, each designed for 50% capacity of the total gas flow of the gas-utilizing equipment at Khabarovsk CHP-3) and one low-flow reduction line.

To comply with the approved schedule, preparation of the working documentation for the BGCU and the component supply were carried out in a very short time. After 4 months, the necessary drawings had been prepared and BGCU manufacturing process had begun.

As early as November 2018, testing of the BGCU was being held at the manufacturing plant, including all auxiliary circuits and support systems. All equipment was delivered to the site and accepted by the specialists of Khabarovsk CHP-3 at the end of December.

According to the work schedule, ProSoft-Systems specialists are planning to commission and put the BGCU into commercial operation in May of 2019.