Prosoft-Systems presents cutting-edge solutions for Rosseti's first digital substation of Saratov region

10 February 2021

Prosoft-Systems Ltd is participating in the project on creating the pioneer digital substation in Saratov Region, Sazanley 110/10 kV substation of Saratov Distribution Networks, a branch of Rosseti Volga PJSC. To date, installation and tests of the phase one are finished onsite.

Within the project, Prosoft-Systems' engineers for the first time deployed their last-gen solution—M-1 analog merging unit (AMU). This device is designed to input discrete and analog signals, convert them into digital data, measure their parameters, and transmitting the final results over digital protocols.

Also at the Sazanley substation, Prosoft-Systems deploys the time synchronization system based on proprietary devices ISS-2.3. ISS-2.3 generates the time scale synchronized, by signals of global satellite navigation systems GLONASS/GPS, with the Russian coordinated time scale UTC (SU) and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The device also produces frequency-time signals in various formats, including network protocol formats.

Installed at Rosseti Volga's Sazanley substation, ISS 2.3 produce time signals in the PTP format. Operating over Ethernet, this exact time synchronization protocol can ensure insignificant error that is under 1 microsecond.

Other solutions provided and implemented by Prosoft-Systems include the electric machinery control system of Sazanley 110/10 kV substation (substation process automation system, PAS) and the smart commercial electricity metering system.

The substation PAS is built on the Redkit software and hardware package. Electric machinery at the substation is monitored and controlled by means of ARIS-4208 controllers. ARIS-4810 are used as communications controllers. At the upper level of the substation PAS, Redkit SCADA is deployed. RedKit's advantages include hot sparing of data acquisition component, and duplicating SQL storage servers and automated workstations.

The 10 kV indoor switchgear has built-in bay controllers ARIS-2205 that remotely control draw-out elements of 10 kV bays and telemeter the network parameters. 

To establish a smart commercial electricity metering system, Prosoft-System deployed a dedicated cabinet with the integrated data concentration unit ECOM-3100. Energosfera software package carries out automated data collection, storage, and processing. 


As part of the implementation project, Prosoft-Systems Ltd. carries out the full scope of work, including equipment supply, installation, onsite configuring, testing, and commissioning. Besides, the engineers participated in research activity on "Development of Model Engineering Solutions for 110 kV Digital Substation" for Rosseti Volga. 

This research includes development of standard (model) engineering solutions for a digital substation—an electric grid facility equipped with smart control system—with the use of innovative equipment and systems, and based on data transmission protocols as per MEC 61850. 

Research-participating companies developed model engineering solutions for the 110 kV digital substation that imply designing the structure of various systems of typical 110 kV digital substations, with respect to layout design and distribution of functions of auxiliary systems' equipment. Along with that, the book of model solutions and System Specification Description files were developed as per IEC 61850, which facilitate and standardize design and construction of typical 110 kV digital substations.


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