Prosoft-Systems presents digital solutions for the power industry to the global community at CIGRE

27 August 2018

Prosoft-Systems will take part in the joint exposition organized by the Russian National Committee (RNC CIGRE) at the Technical Exhibition during the 47th Session of CIGRE in Paris. From August 27 through August 31 Prosoft-Systems will be showcasing an upgraded line of remote terminal units (RTUs) for automated grid operations (complies with the Rosseti PJSC and FGC UES JSC requirements and regulations).

The first RNC CIGRE Digital Exhibit will present information about advanced products and solutions with export potential. The exhibit aims to build a database to facilitate international collaboration through CIGRE.

Prosoft-Systems is offering the following innovative solutions:

Complete solutions for digital substations:

  • RedKit SCADA software package
  • ARIS-48xx communication controllers
  • ARIS-42xx bay controllers for 35-750 kV substations
  • ARIS-22xx 6-35 kV switchgear controllers
  • ARIS-EM digital multifunctional electric energy meter
  • Relay protection and emergency control devices
  • RES-3-61850 digital fault recorder
  • ISS-2 time synchronization unit

Complete solutions for the digital fault recorder – SMART GRID:

  • Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR/FDIR) system for 6-20 kV distribution networks
  • Smart metering
  • Dispatching/telecontrol

Hardware and software-based:

  • RedKit SCADA software package
  • ARIS-48xx communication controllers
  • ARIS-28xx multifunction controllers
  • ARIS-22xx switchgear controllers
  • ARIS MT200 controllers for data acquisition and transmission systems

Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS) based on:

  • TPA-2 phasor measurement units (PMUs)
  • UNC-2 recording device for generator excitation system parameters

Time synchronization:

  • ISS series time synchronization units

The exhibition display will also showcase tried and tested equipment and systems for relay protection and emergency control as well as for high-frequency communication. The equipment and systems are extensively used by Rosseti PJSC and FGC UES PJSC.

Prosoft-Systems regularly participates in the CIGRE sessions bringing together around 6,000 senior executives and experts from the worldwide power industry. Prosoft-Systems is a member of the CIGRE Russian National Committee and promotes cooperation with international organizations in learning and applying best practices in the power sector.